R v Newham LBC Ex p Sacupima (2001) 33 HLR 1, QBD

In R v Newham LBC Ex p Sacupima (2001) 33 HLR 1, QBD, Dyson J – considering a housing authority’s duty to secure suitable accommodation under Pt VII – held, at [40], that:

(bb) where there were several children in an applicant's family who were about to take critically important examinations or where an applicant could not get to work from the proposed accommodation because of distance or expense, it was Wednesbury unreasonable not even to consider the effect of a move to accommodation which was several hours' travelling time away;

(cc) if suitable arrangements could be made, then it might be that, in the authority's reasonable judgment, the accommodation would be suitable;

(dd) if, however, suitable arrangements could not be made, it would still be Wednesbury unreasonable to decide that it was suitable.

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