KI, R (On the Application Of) v London Borough of Brent [2018] EWHC 1068 (Admin) (10 May 2018)


The claimant succeeded in his challenge to the failure by the London Borough of Brent to recognise him as a “former relevant child” under the Children Act 1989. A former relevant child is entitled to support for vulnerable care leavers including help with accommodation, education and planning the transition to adulthood. The Court found that the local authority held responsibility for the care arrangements for the claimant, it did not follow the required procedures for ceasing care and its assessment of the suitability of the claimant’s accommodation was unreasonable. There is strong criticism of the local authority’s failure to comply with disclosure duties. As a result, the London Borough of Brent is undertaking a review of procedures for ensuring effective and timely disclosure in judicial review cases involving Children and Young People’s Services and Adult Social Care.

This summary is from Felicity Williams' (Counsel for the Claimant) report on the Garden Court Chambers website - see below

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