Applying For Amendment of Legal Aid Certificate on CCMS

Requesting Amendment

  1. Go to the Client Costs and Management Page - choose cases and application which will enable you to search for cases and applications
  2. When you get to the Case and Application Search Page search for the case by the surname of the client - don’t put anything else in - press search
  3. When you get to the Search Results Page click on the Legal Funding Certificate reference number - this will take you to the Case Overview Page
  4. Click the View Case or Application link  to go to the Case Details Page where you can check what the current state of the Legal Funding Certificate - you case see the costs limit under granted amount. If there is a pending application to increate the costs limit it will show under the Requested Amount
  5. To see the scope limit click on the link for the description of the proceedings and costs.
  6. This gets you to the proceedings details page - you can see the scope limitation there.

Once you have checked the current scope and costs and are sure an amendment is needed you can go on to request the amendment. This will be either a new scope limit and/or an increase in the costs limit. To do this click the Return to Case Details link and then Return to Case Overview on the Case Details page

  1. Now choose Amend Case
  2. Then choose substantive. - unless the Legal Funding Certificate is still an Emergency Legal Funding Certificate - it will nearly always be substantive - then choose new
  3. You then get to the Amend Case Screen
  4. To amend the scope client on the matter type link - this takes you to the Proceedings Overview Screen
  5. Chose Edit Scope Limitation - this takes you to Proceedings details 4 of 4
  6. Chose Add Scope Limitation - then choose from the menu
  7. With hearing you can edit the date. - then press Confirm - then choose Next
  8. Your are then back at the Proceedings and Costs Screen. You can click on the links you used before to check if your amendment request has been recorded - then chose the Return To Amend Case screen
  9. You now have to carry out the means reassessment. If you don’t do this the amendment request won’t get processed. - select Merits Assessment