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I am a solicitor. I have been specialising in housing law since 1994.

I work as a consultant solicitor Morrison Spowart in South East London and as a Senior Associate Solicitor at Matthew Gold Solicitors in North London

I also carry out consultancy work for solicitors. I am a member of the team at DG Legal 

This blog is intended to provide information and a place for discussion about housing law issues. It is not a source of advice for people with housing problems.

Please do not ask questions about your own housing problems on this site.  If you need help a housing problem I may be able to help you with it or refer you to someone else who might be able to do so. If you do need help with a housing problem please following this link and complete the form.

Notable Cases

Shepping v Osada (1999) ‘Proceedings for possession’ means court proceedings, not the service of a notice seeking possession.

Mowan v LB Wandsworth (2000) A council tenant did not have a cause of action against the council landlord for their failure to deal with acts of nuisance on the part of their neighbour who was a tenant of the same council.

Stewart v Wandsworth (2001) This case determined which authorities were responsible for carrying out an assessment under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989, where three different authorities disputed responsibility.

William v Wandsworth (2006) A local housing authority had been entitled to find that an applicant had made himself intentionally homeless, by making a deliberate decision not to use the monies available to him from a re-mortgage to pay the mortgage installments, which had led to the property being repossessed. A separate applicant had been intentionally homeless, by allowing the joint owner to sell the property and collect the full net proceeds of sale.

Wandsworth v Randall (2007) This case established that in succession cases the size of the household for the purposes of under occupation is determined at the date of the Court hearing.

Bubb v Wandsworth (2012) Homelessness applicants are not able to challenge findings of fact by Local Authorities despite the requirements of Article 6 of the Convention on Human Rights.