Onboarding New Client Steps To Take

Steps To Take As Soon As Signing Up A New Client

When Arranging A First Appointment

  1. Add them to Tikit and create a file
    In order to do this we need to obtain the following information from all new clients

    1. Full Name
    2. National Insurance Number
    3. Address
    4. Email
    5. Telephone numbers
    6. - Add any more...
  2. Send them  First Appointment Confirmation Letter by post and email

At The First Appointment

  1. Create and complete a Form of Authorisation
  2. Create and complete a Bank Form of Authorisation
  3. Create and complete a Legal Help Form
  4. Create an outline statement of case

After the First Appointment

  1. Go through the means assessment procedure
  2. Diarise key dates
  3. Set up File Review Task

Following the Means Assessment

  1. If the we are able to complete the means assessment then take the new case steps
  2. If we are unable to complete the means assessment we need to send the incomplete information letter
  3. If the new client has not provided the information within 7 days they should be sent a further letter confirming that we are taking no further action and warning that their inquiry will be closed. If the case requires urgent action this should be sent sooner
  4. After a further 7 days a letter confirming that we are not taking their case on should be sent.

New Case Steps When We Have All Necessary Information

  1. Send letters to any third parties
  2. Update review tasks
  3. Send Client Care and Advice Letter