Suspending Warrants - Establish Whether The Client Is Eligible Legal Aid

Applying to suspend a warrant for possession is in scope for Legal Aid purposes and will always be sufficiently important to justify a Legal Funding Certificate. The only question will therefore be whether the client is financially eligible. That is to say whether they have:-

  1. A gross income of less than £1,533.22 (this can be more if they have more than 4 children) 
  2. A disposable income of not more than £733.00
  3. Capital amounting to not more than £8,000.00.

Financial eligibility can be established quickly using the Legal Aid Calculator Google Spreadsheet.

The Legal Aid Key Card can be used for quick reference.
More detailed reference information can be found on the Gov.UK site 

If the client is single then we will just be considering their means but if they have a partner living with them we will need to consider both the client and the partner’s finances

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