Disrepair First Contact With Client

When arranging to taken on a new disrepair client the case worker needs to ensure that the client is provided with initial information about what the case will involve and what documents and other information they need to provide for the caseworker at or in advance of their first visit to the office. The client should be encouraged to bring or send in as much information as possible in advance of the first meeting. 

During the initial conversation setting up the first appointment the client needs to be asked to send or bring in

  • Their tenancy agreement
  • Copies of any letters or other communications with their landlord about the problem.
  • A list of the problems in their home which they need the landlord to deal with.
  • Proof of their income for the Legal Aid Agency.
  • Photographs showing the disrepair

During the first conversation the client should be asked to provide information which the case worker will use in preparing for the first appointment. This will include:-

  • The information needed for Legal Help Form.
  • Details of all bank accounts which they have
  • Their email address(es)
  • Their contact numbers
  • Details of any medical conditions or special needs which they have.
  • The names and date of birth of any children living with them.

Once an appointment has been made the client should be sent a letter or email confirming what has been discussed and when their appointment will be.


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