Case Law - Index

This page sets out the index to the list of cases which I have details of on this site. They are sorted by year but you can search for the name or a word in the name of the case.

If you are looking for details of housing law cases then I recommend a visit to the Case Law Digest  and the Swarb.Co.UK sites which contain some of the cases below but also many more  not forgetting of course Nearly Legal blog which features detailed commentary on the cases as well as links to the law reports when available.

YearName of Case Type of CaseCourtKey Words
2005Bellouti v WandsworthHomelessness AppealVulnerabilty
1981Regina -v- Thurrock Borough Council Ex Parte Williams; QBD
1980Lally v Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council 1980
1980R(de Falco) v Crawley BC
1948Associated Provincial Picture Houses v Wednesbury Corp [1948] 1 KB 223 CAJudicial ReviewIrrationality
1981 Din (Taj) v Wandsworth LBC
1981Creed NZ v The Governor General
1982 Regina -v- Waveney City Council, ex parte Bowers
1985Re Findlay
1986R v Gravesham BC, ex p. Winchester
1986R v Hillingdon LBC ex p PuhlhoferSuitability
1990 R v Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea ex p Bayani
1993Regina v Northavon District Council, ex parte SmithJudicial ReviewCourt of Appeal
1995R oao Awua v BrentJudicial ReviewCourt of Appeal
1995X (Minors) v Bedfordshire County Council Judicial ReviewCourt of AppealDamages
1997R v Wandsworth Ex P DodiaJudicial Review
1998 R v Brent LBC, ex p Bariise (1998) 31 HLR 50Judicial ReviewCourt of Appeal
1998R v Camden LBC ex p MohammedJudicial ReviewHigh CourtTemporary Accommodation Review
1999R v Newham Ex P Lumley Judicial ReviewHigh CourtTemporary Accommodation 
2001R (AA) v Lambeth LBCJudicial ReviewHigh CourtCommunity Care
Accommodation pending assessment
2001R (AB and SB) v Nottingham CC Judicial ReviewHigh CourtChildren Act 1989
2001R (Sandra Stewart) v the London Boroughs of Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham, and LambethJudicial ReviewHigh CourtChildren Act 1989
Assessment responsibility
2001 R v Newham LBC Ex p SacupimaJudicial ReviewHigh CourtSuitability
2014Da Rocha-Afodu & Anor v Mortgage Express Ltd & Anor Damages ClaimCourt of AppealDisposal Storage Belongings
2014Campbell v Redstone Mortgages Ltd 2014Damages Claim High CourtDisposal Storage Belongings
2018KI, R (On the Application Of) v London Borough of BrentJudicial ReviewHigh CourtCare Leaver
Duty of Candour
Council criticised
2002R (M) v Barking and Dagenham LBC and Westminster LBC Judicial ReviewHigh CourtChildren Act 1989
Duty to assess
2002Stewart v LambethHomelessness Appeal Court of AppealIntentional Homelessness
2002J v The London Borough of Enfield [2002] EWHC Admin 735Judicial ReviewHigh CourtTemporary Accommodation
Human Rights
Article 8
2002R Bernard v EnfieldJudicial ReviewHigh CourtDamages Claim
Article 8
Human Rights
2019 Midland Heart Limited v Margaret Burns and CA Possession ClaimCounty CourtPossession
The Equality Act 2010
New Grounds
2001Sheffield City Council v HopkinsPossession Claim Supreme CourtPosssession
New Grounds
2002R (M) v Barking and Dagenham LBC and Westminster LBC [2002]Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Children Act
Responsibility for assessment
2002Stewart v LambethHomelessness Appeal Supreme CourtIntentional Homelessness
Section 190
2002J v The London Borough of Enfield [2002] EWHC Admin 735Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Homelessness
Article 8
2002R (Bernard) v Enfield LBC (2002)Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Community Care
Article 3
Article 8
2003R(G) v. Barnet LBC [2003]Judicial ReviewSupreme CourtChildren Act 1989
2003Hackney v Side By Side (Kids) Ltd 2003Possession Claim High Court
2003R (Anufrijeva) v. LB of SouthwarkJudicial ReviewAdministrative Court Damages
Judicial Review
Human Rights
2005R(on the Application of J) v Caerphilly) CBC (2005)Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Pathway Plan
Non Engagement
2004Griffin v City of Westminster [2004] EWCA Civ 108,CAHomelessness AppealCourt of AppealVulnerability
2004Osmani v Camden LBC [2004] EWCA Civ 1706; [2005] HLR 22Homelessness AppealCourt of AppealVulnerability
2005Khatun v NewhamJudicial ReviewSupreme CourtHomelessness
2005R (Adam) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, Limbuela v Same, Tesema v Same – House of LordsJudicial ReviewSupreme CourtHomelessness
Human Rights
Degrading Treatment
Article 3
2006R (K) v Manchester City Council (2006)Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Children Act
Interest of Children
2006Munjaz v Merseycare NHS Trust [2006] 2 AC 148Judicial ReviewCourt of Appeal Human Rights
Mental Health
Article 3
Article 5
Article 8
2006R (B) v London Borough of Lambeth [2006] EWHC 639 (Admin)Judicial ReviewAdministrative Court Judicial Review
2019LW & Ors v Sodexo Ltd & Anor [2019] EWHC 367 (Admin) (20 February 2019)Judicial ReviewAdministrative CourtJudicial Review
Article 8
Strip Search
Jason Pobjoy
Isabel Buchanan
1997CITY COUNCIL OF BRISTOL V MARTIN MOUSAH: CA 25 FEB 1997Possession Court of AppealPossession
Antisocial behaviour
Anti Social behaviour
2007Sandwell MBC v Hensley [2007]Possession Court of AppealPossession
Antisocial behaviour
Anti Social behaviour
Criminal Activity
2012Birmingham City Council v Ashton (2012)Possession Court of Appeal Possession
Antisocial behaviour
Anti Social behaviour
Mental health